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  • Digital IT Transformation Brings New Advantages to Retailer

    In any industry, it is paramount to align your IT goals with your business goals. In the cutthroat retail industry, this is more visible to the average consumer than ever. Retailers are using technology and digital transformation to gain the edge over their competition. Retailers are focusing on customer experience more than ever before, and they are using technology to innovate and satisfy customers by solving their real problems. Regardless of your industry, Forbes has predicted 2018 is the year that digital transformation is a must. In retail specifically, digital transformation is necessary to gain the competitive edge and keep the lights on with the doors open.

  • The Hyper-Converged Data Center

    Have you taken the next step towards a hyper-converged data center?  In today’s ever-changing IT environments, implementing HCI can reduce cost and complexity in your organization and support new initiatives in minutes… not days. To learn more about how Rolta AdvizeX can help manage and build your data center, download our new eBook, featuring Dell EMC’s VxRail technology.

  • VxRail: Making the Case for Hyper-Convergence

    If it feels like business is moving at hyperspeed these days, it’s no illusion. Increased competition and market disruption are driving the need for enterprises to move faster than ever before. In this new economy, enterprises can no longer wait weeks or months for IT to build the underlying infrastructure to support new initiatives. What once took 20 days can now happen in 20 minutes in the cloud. If CIOs want to beat the cloud as the preferred IT provider, they need to beat the clock. Read more to see if Dell EMC VxRail hyper-converged infrastructure systems are right for your IT environment.


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    Understanding Isolated Recovery and the Data-Protection Suite